One Week Exclusive Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica.

One Week Exclusive Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Every year we gather for a week of yoga, meditation, circles, profound introspection and transformation of old, limiting beliefs. Truly a life altering event held in the beautiful Blue Spirit Retreat Centre in Nosara, Costa Rica. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more!

Our 2016 retreat will take place from November 5th, to November 12th. (If this week doesn’t work for you, don’t forget about our residential centre in Costa Rica, which is open all year!)

What is so fascinating about these retreats is the variety of people attending: executives, couples and retirees learning from each other – all sharing the awareness (however vague) that there IS a better way. Each brings an aspect of their lives where improvement would be most welcome. Couples ‘in trouble’ learn to communicate and fall in Love again; executives learn to see their co-workers entirely anew and enjoy energized work relationships; retirees rediscover purpose and vitality. It’s a beautiful journey to be a part of!

If you are looking for a deeper connection in all your relationships, if you are wondering: “What is my purpose in life? What is the purpose of my relationships, both professional and personal?” then you are ready for this workshop.

Ready? Then book your spot by paying a deposit. (Choose Again reserves the right to return your deposit for any reason prior to placement confirmation.)

  • Learn a foolproof (ego-proof) conflict resolution technique.
  • Learn to communicate fearlessly, openly and lovingly.
  • Learn about the true nature of cause and effect.
  • Have an opportunity to integrate the teachings at a deep level.
  • Laugh more than you have in years.
  • Enjoy one of the most beautiful places on our planet.
  • Enjoy daily yoga, meditations and walks on the beach.

“Over the years we have had many powerful growth experiences. Yet, our seven days at Choose Again were the most significant of our lives and we continue to grow daily from our experiences there.”
– James Dunn- Board Certified Intervention Specialist

To hear more from past participants, click here.

The retreat is lead by international speaker, teacher and workshop leader Diederik Wolsak.

Please see pricing below, (Price includes accommodation, meals, and tuition. Due to most connecting flights arriving in the evening it may be necessary to arrive a day early. Transport to and from Libera airport is included.)

Superior Ocean View with A/C: $ 3900.00 pps, $3500.00 ppd

Ocean View with A/C: $ 3775.00 pps, $3350.00 ppd

Mountain View with A/C:  $ 3675.00 pps, $3200.00 ppd

Nature Suite with A/C: $ 3500.00 pps, $3100.00 ppd 

Hermitage: $ 3100.00 pps, $2875.00 ppd 

Eco Cottage: $ 2700.00 pps, $2450.00 ppd

(pps = per person single, ppd = per person double)


For accommodation choices please see:

Blue Spirit Retreat Centre

Map and Directions

For booking and enquiries, contact us.
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Take a look at these videos that were filmed at last year’s workshop.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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