Depression? Anxiety? Stress? Anger? Conflict? Addictive behaviour?

Choose Again can help.

Choose Again is an international organisation, offering: 

Individual and group therapy, and workshops in its home base of Vancouver

residential center in Central Costa Rica which is open 365 days a year

A selection of workshops and retreats in Europe, the US, and Costa Rica. 

Contact us for more details, and to find the right service for you.

Where medication was failing, where main-stream therapy left clients talking for years, our effective approach has helped thousands discover a deeper sense of peace and joy in all aspects of their lives. Over the last 15 years we have developed a highly successful program with a success rate in excess of 80-85%. While virtually all clients arrive at our center on some kind of medication – legal or illegal – the vast majority leave free of chemicals of any kind. There simply is no medication that cures depression or anxiety or the deep sense of hopelessness so many people struggle with.

“I am happier now than I can ever remember being, and I feel a sense of peace that comes from a very deep sense of knowing the truth about myself that is unchangeable no matter what is going on around me.” – M.C.

Choose Again. There IS a better way.

Does it work? 

Dr Norma Clarke reports after her visit at Choose Again, Costa Rica;

“Medications are discontinued (both psychiatric and those for medical diagnoses), anxiety decreases, suicidal thoughts cease, addictive behaviors wither away. The people I talked to at the program seemed surprised by the process and its effects (in particular the person who discontinued lifelong diabetes and hypertension medications within two weeks of being there…. “I guess it must have been the stress I put myself under that caused the illnesses”. I met him when he had been off the meds for about four weeks with no ill effects). Most have been in traditional mental health treatment processes for years and while many will agree that these processes helped, they came to Choose Again as a “last resort” and received more help than they had expected”. Find the full report from Dr. Norma Clarke, Psychiatrist, here.

Researchers at WHR Consulting in Penticon, B.C., conducted extensive interviews with former Choose Again clients, going back over its entire six year history. After an average stay of 3-4 weeks at the center, 89% of participants rated their quality of life as “good,” or “very good.” This compared with a 16% satisfaction level prior to attendance – a 450% improvement. To read the full report, click here.